The Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management is a 4-year bachelor’s degree program designed to provide a strong foundation of becoming a disciplined culinary professional.  It focuses on creating businessmen and corporate executives out of chefs.  Management skills in commercial kitchens and food conglomerates including restaurants, large-scale catering and food manufacturing are emphasized.

Strengths and highlights of the program:

  1. Student is qualified to be an American Culinary Federation Certified Culinarian upon graduation (optional).
  2. Exposure to different opportunities for career specializations including Culinary Tourism, Nutrition and Wellness in Culinary Management, Culinology, Teaching, Food Media, and Sustainable Culinary Management.
  3. Presentation of a business plan on a culinary enterprise.

What is the mission of the program?  

To provide students with a strong foundation to be a disciplined and value-laden culinary professional with skills and knowledge in conceptualizing, establishing, operating and managing culinary businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry using practical learning and critical thinking approaches.

What is the goal of the program?

Provide the tourism and hospitality industries with highly competent and skilled culinary managers who will lead in various food and related business enterprises.

At the end of the BSCM program, the student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate competencies in food safety and sanitation, knife skills, cooking methods, product development and techniques applied to local and International cuisines.
  2. Acquire the ability to conceptualize, establish, operate and manage a food business enterprise.
  3. Steward a food business enterprise in attaining sustainability and protection of the environment.
  4. Exhibit professionalism and high regard for proper work attitude in a business setting.
  5. Pursue a career specialization in Culinary Tourism, Nutrition and Wellness in Culinary Management, Culinology, Teaching, Food Media, and Sustainable Culinary Management.

How may this goal be met?

This goal may be met by providing the following programs to students.


  1. Career Development and Placement Assistance
  2. Practicum in the tourism and hospitality industry
  3. Assessment of skills and competencies
  4. Holistic curriculum in Culinary Management
  5. Enriching student life through various extracurricular activities

History and description of the department that offers the program

CCA Manila was established in 1996.  It opened its doors to the first batch of students in Diploma in Culinary Arts and Technology Management in June 1997.  Through the years, the school has generated more than a thousand culinarians who lead in various business establishments here and abroad.  On its 15th year, the school instituted the Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management to provide a higher education program that will further advance the culinary profession in the country.  The Office of the Chancellor for Education (OCE) administers the higher education programs of the school. It is responsible for ensuring high quality education by providing competent and qualified faculty, industry approved learning and training facilities, up-to-date curricula and relevant student support.


The OCE leads in capability-building of research and product development competencies of the institution through the Culinary Research Studio (CRS).  The latter serves as the window for supporting clients in creating business and technical solutions to food business challenges.  It also serves as a learning facility in developing the research, technical and critical thinking skills of the students.


The OCE also spearheads the adoption of modern and effective learning support systems to the program. Currently, it leads efforts towards the implementation of the use of E-learning approaches, the development of an E-library and offering of online courses and certification assessments.

General faculty profile

All faculty members obtained their graduate degrees in their respective fields from reputable academic institutions and have industry experience.  All are holders of certificates or professional licenses in their respective fields.  Our faculty members are competent, nurturing, professional and value-laden individuals.

Please click here for the full profiles of the Faculty members and Lecturers. (Click to Profiles of BSCM Faculty Members & Lecturers)

Subjects of the program curriculum

Please click here for the full program curriculum.

Qualifications for admissions to the program

  1. High school graduates
  2. Fit to engage in the program


For Transferees:

  1. Should have been enrolled in any tertiary education program.
  2. Fit to engage in the program

Requirements for admissions to the program

  1. Accomplished application form with photo
  2. Passing of the Written and Practical exam
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. High School Report Card (Form 137)

Additional requirements for transferees:

  1. Certificate of Good moral character
  2. Transcript of Records (Form 138) instead of High School Report Card

When is/are the deadline/s of submitting applications for admission?

First Semester – May 15, 2014

Second Semester – October 15, 2014

Is there a prescribed application form to accomplish for this purpose?

Please click here to download the application form for admission. (Click to BSCM Application Form for Admission)

To whom shall this application be sent? In what form should the accomplished form be sent? Is there an application fee?

You may send the registration form via email or you may come and visit directly to the office on the below contact information.  The application fee is Php 850.00.
Center for Culinary Arts
Katipunan Main Campus

Address: 287 Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
1108 Philippines

Trunkline: (+63 2) 426-4840

Trunkline: (+63 2) 426-4841




Does the program recognize transfer credits for students coming for other schools? If yes, please describe the process of recognizing transfer credits?

Yes, CCA Manila recognizes transfer credits obtained from other schools subject to existing policies.

Does the program recognize prior learning acquired through non-formal and informal learning? If yes, please describe the process of recognition.

CCA Manila also recognizes recognition of prior learning for skills competencies.

Please click here to view the Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning.

What are the basic requirements for graduation?

  1. Business Plan
  2. Practicum (total of 1,000 hours)
  3. Passed all courses
  4. 200 merit points as student assistant

Are there scholarships available for the program? How may one avail of these scholarship?

Yes, CCA Manila has a scholarship program in BSCM granted to deserving employees.  One may avail of this scholarship


  1. Bonafide employee of the company
  2. Must have finished at least an associate degree or Diploma in Culinary Arts
  3. Should have served the company for at least a year


  1. Letter of Intent endorsed by Superior
  2. Accomplished application form with valid photo
  3. Certificate of Employment
  4. Transcript of Records

Are there academic departments and other offices that support your program in terms of curriculum? Faculty? Facilities? Academic information? Services?

  1. Programs Department – delivers Culinary foundation and cuisine courses
  2. ASHA – faculty
  3. Student Affairs Office – placement, counseling, sportsfest, elective learning program, career development, library services, medical assistance, extracurricular activities
  4. MIS – Academic Information Management Systems
  5. Registrar’s Office – admission, registration, student records management
  6. General Services Division – Repair and Maintenance of facilities, cleanliness, sanitation, orderliness, security
  7. Marketing – promotions, creatives
  8. CEF – CSR, NSTP, Green chefmanship
  9. Cravings Group – Restaurants for Practicum

Who is the main contact person for the program?

Ma. Veritas F. Luna

Chancellor for Education

Email Address:

Telephone #: +632-426-4825

Mobile #: +63-917-589-2142




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