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Because loyalty to your Alma Mater has its REWARDS!

Be part of the card unveiling and 18th anniversary Alumni Homecoming at CCA Cup 2014!

They say anyone can cook, but our CCA graduates have proven better, they cook for the world!

As CCA Manila turns 18 and as you return to where it all began, we welcome you with a token of appreciation for pursuing your culinary dreams! A piece of us to bring with you in all your gastronomic adventures, to remind you of the first step in your journey of cuisines and cultures.

We give you … the first ever CCA Alumni Card!

cca_acard_ banner copy
Little treasures from our partners and graduates to reward your loyalty to your alma mater and share memories made with good food, good products and good friends all those years.   Browse through and click on the benefits that await you from each of our merchant partners.

Reminisce your humble beginnings, be updated with what’s cooking, reunite with your batch mates and realize how far you have come!

CCA Alumni Gallery

Be part of CCA Manila’s 18thAnniversary Alumni Homecoming at CCA Cup 2014! November 28, 2014; 8AM to 7PM CCA Oceana SM by the Bay, MOA .

Are you a CCA alumnus or alumna?  Click here to register your attendance at the CCA Cup and reserve your VIP slot now!

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