Acquire a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree and 2-year Diploma in just 4 years.

The Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management Program will make you a value-laden culinary leader who can conceptualize, establish and manage culinary businesses.

Sustainable Culinary Management
sustainable-culinary-management Green Chef, Executive Chef, Sustainable Chef, Kitchen Systems Consultant   Become stewards of the environments. Be the culinarians/chefs who will carry on the institution’s.   Read more about this article: 15 Green Chefs Chefs Collaborative Culinary Practices for Organic Food
Chef Entrepreneur
culinary_entrepChef Restaurateur, Chef Entrepreneur  Sustain your interest in food and dining by building a food business. Acquire organizational and multi-tasking skills useful for the success of your chosen venture.   Read more about this article: Making successful chef-entrepreneur Chefpreneurs hit the shelves 6 celebrity chef-preneurs Naomi Pomeroy: Chef, Restaurateur and Former Top Chef Contestant
Culinary Education
culinary_education Program Director, Culinary Professor, Culinary Educator, Chef Instructor   Develop an adept understanding, awareness and appreciation of modern culinary arts and   coursing such information through institutional education or providing coherent instruction for practical training skills at the work place.   Read more about this article: The Future of Culinary Arts Education The Mentor of All Chefs, Paul Bocuse
Culinary Tourism
culinary-tourism Culinary Tourism Professional, Food Travel Specialist, Heritage Chef   Realize the value of experiencing unique taste of food from a specific country, region or area and its importance as a component of tourism.   Read more about this article: Whole Foods feeds growing appetite for culinary toursim What is Culinary Tourism? Culinary Tourism in Chicago
culinology Culinologist, Culinary Research Technologist Discover the harmony of culinary arts, food science and food technology. Find the means to   make food taste better, more consistent and safer for consumption.   Read more about this article: Defining the Future of Food What is a Culinologist? Know What You Eat
Industry Executive
industry_executive General Manager, Corporate Chef, F&B Director, Executive Chef   Develop functionality and competency in a variety of work settings. Know how to operate, oversee and control all aspects of the kitchen: production of consistent and high-quality dishes, efficient management of supplies, staff and operations, proper delegation of tasks, and handling all problems relating to such.   Read more about this article: One on One: Edward Farrow, Executive Chef and General Manager New Prestige Chef Spices Up West Roxbury Kitchen Chefs at Work The Trajectory of a Hotel Chef
Culinary Nutrition
culinary_nutrition Culinary Nutritionist,  Corporate Chef,  Personal Chef,  Research Chef, Healthcare Executive Chef, Wellness Chef   Understand and appreciate the importance of nutrition and apply such in planning a healthy   menu and preparing healthy dishes that addresses specific needs of groups and individuals.   Read more about this article: What is Culinary Nutrition? Become a Culinary Nutrition Expert
Food Media
food_media Food Photographer, Food Stylist, Food Critic, Food Writer, Food Journalist, Food Blogger, Food Media Chef, TV Chef   Communicate the concept or message of food through varying media and apply such in menu design, sales & marketing, publication & promotion of food, cooking and eating. Tap into the opportunities in the following fields: food styling, food writing, food photography and communication arts of food demonstration and visual arts upon becoming a chef celebrity.   Read more about this article: Become a world-renowned Food Stylist Kitchen Adventures of an RnD and Food Stylist  Specialize in Food Photography The Guild of Food Writers Best Food Blogs to follow


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