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Cravings Group Christmas Party: CCA Manila Office

Paying it forward The Cravings Group takes pride in its supportive and passionate employees, who always take a lot of effort in contributing to the betterment of the company. Let us take a closer look as the Cravings Group extends its gratitude to them this Christmas season.


James Andrian on Quickfire (November 2011)

Celebrity chef meets one of CCA Manila’s acclaimed student chefs Student Chef James Andrian wowed the audience with a palatable pasta recipe with Chef Rosebud Benitez on Quickfire aired on November 26, 2011.


CCA Manila Goes to NAIT

Culinary apprenticeship has never been this great! Center for Culinary Arts Manila in partnership with North Alberta Institute of Technology Alberta Canada highlights the Student Visiting program in 2011. Two of the finest culinary schools merged to provide nothing but globally competent chefs.


CCA-Manila BLO Section B

“Talents molded to excellence” Individuals are granted with talents but with CCA Manila, these talents are molded at its best, becoming an exceptional and in demand skills. CCA Manila trains students with passion as they pursue excellence in culinary education and at the same time instill in them social responsibility so they can be valuable and globally competent individuals.

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