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Manila Food and Wine Festival 2013

“Redefining Culinary Standards” Mouthwatering food made to satisfy not only taste buds but all other senses as it reveal its delectable perfection. Discover how passionate the CCA Manila students are as they redefine culinary standards that surpass everyone’s satisfaction.



“Culinary passion that runs in the blood” Discover how a mother and daughter tandem made a difference, how they innovated the culinary education that bring to light the hospitable nature of the Filipinos.


CCA Manila 2012

Bringing out Highly Competitive Chefs CCA Manila advances a step forward in the culinary industry as they earnestly implement in depth and comprehensive training programs, providing an avenue for students to communicate their adept culinary skills to the whole world.


CCA Old & New Mission & Vision

“Pushing beyond the edge of excellence” We believe that through CCA Manila, the natural capacity of Filipinos to become successful leaders in the global culinary industry is possible. Be inspired as CCA Manila takes you to its milestone of triumph and inspiration.

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