Chef Jasper Versoza’s Secret Recipe for Success

Entrepreneurial success stories start with a small dream. But for Corporate Executive Chef Jasper Versoza, his “biting success” in the industry entailed more. Hard work, passion, and a focus on building a legacy for great-tasting food products were his plateful of motivations. He did his best to help his family and team reach important milestones for Josiah’s Catering, Inc.

The Best for Himself and the Family Business

As a child, Chef Jasper remembers growing up being surrounded by the aroma of freshly and simple home-cooked dishes that became part of very promising family catering business.“Though I wasn’t groomed to manage our small business then, I was deeply interested and inspired by our food.  I knew we can go further and be better. I have a big vision for what Josiah’s. That is being better than any catering company in a crowded space,” he stressed.

Chef Jasper knew that in order to execute that vision, he needs to surround himself with the right motivating factors. That includes the best formal training and education. And he knew where to get it―at CCA, Manila.

“The school was my top and only choice, being the pioneer. I knew that if I need to make myself ready for our catering business, I have to get the best training and learning,” he added.

A noteworthy aspect of his culinary education at CCA, Manila, according to Chef Jasper, was the intense challenge that allowed him to grasp both the basics and the intricacies of professional cooking.

“The training I had was really tough and demanding. But, it’s all worth it. I learned not just theoretical. My learning experience made me a professional culinary artist who has discipline and deep respect for food and its origin,” he noted.

Contribution to Josiah’s Success 

This contemporary breeding ground also inspired him to do the same at Josiah’s. After graduating in 2002, Chef Jasper was quick to infuse his learning into action―from introducing the various innovations in cooking to imparting industry best practices. To “professionalize” the kitchen, he also acquired the latest food and storage equipment. These innovations enabled Chef Jasper, along with his siblings, to transform Josiah’s into a very successful and highly accredited wedding and banquet specialist that it is known today.

Josiah’s has been going steadily for 21 years now. Ranked as one of the country’s top five catering businesses, Chef Jasper’s dream of taking Josiah’s to greater heights gets even grander. His successful entrepreneurial pursuit in the catering business wells up ever more, as he is keenly eyeing more growth prospects to expand the business. One of that is setting up a restaurant that will entail the commercial viability of its choice signature cuisines to a broader consumer base.

Aiming for Success

As a solid pointer for those dreaming of the same success story, Chef Jasper has this to offer: “Aim for long-term success, don’t settle for a short, fleeting one. Success really is all about being happy, knowing that what you are doing is what you really love to do. Search your heart. And when you find your true passion, follow it and create a vision of what you intend to accomplish,” he advised.


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