Dining in Kyoto

My parents and I visited Kyoto for four days. Before we arrived, I was hoping to try some street food because I was told that street food in Japan were really good. Unfortunately, Kyoto was somehow considered as a province so I was not able to look for any food stalls. 

On our last night, our tour guide said we will eat at a formal dinner. When we arrived, we were asked to remove our shoes but were provided slippers. We were then sent in our room.

Our appetizers, which included sashimi and black tofu, were immediately served. Everything tasted fresh. One of the food served (I think) was chicken innards. At first I thought it was unappetizing but after eating it, it actually had no taste.

kyoto pic3-01

The tempura didn’t really need any sauce because the prawns were already flavorful.

kyoto pic 6-01

For the next course, a server lighted the small pots in front of us and told us that it was our rice. After cooking, it was perfect! Each bite had a salty and sweet combination. Add to this is the marinated fish. We had a very healthy meal and it filled our appetite.

If I would be given an opportunity to come back, I would definitely do this again—the delicious food, the serene ambiance, the great service, not to mention the live performance of a Geiku/Geisha while eating. Everything was there. That dinner was the most memorable I’ve had so far.



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