Giving Food Businesses a Taste of Success

CCA Manila offers strategic consultancy services and ‘simplified’ systems for resto owners.

Whether you are planning to open a new restaurant or are looking to improve the profits of an existing restaurant, an ingenious food concept—which calls for a combination of great food and seamless kitchen operations—is needed to create the much-needed buzz to become successful. And because managing a food business has its pitfalls and challenges, one needs to make a smart head start: that is, by giving your business the competitive advantage.

Providing this comprehensive approach to strategic food business planning for local restaurateurs is the Food Solutions Clinic—the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA, Manila)’s newest venture which aims to provide established brands and start-ups the best professional assistance through its many core service offerings.

Seeing the growth potentials of various food concepts in today’s business landscape, CCA, Manila’s Food Solutions Clinic, developed by Chef Melissa Sison, CEC brings bright restaurant business concepts into clear, objective-specific focus. Working towards “simplifying” systems by developing more efficient industry-standard processes and practical approaches for both existing food businesses and start-ups, the CCA Food Solutions Clinic is primarily envisioned to help entrepreneurs understand, manage and create maximum opportunities for their businesses from start to finish.

Banking on the institution’s passion and proven track of expertise in the culinary education, the CCA Food Solutions Clinic aims to impart to business owners the relevant systems and management fundamentals for them to facilitate the needed transformation and market positioning.

“Seeing how today’s fast-paced Filipino society gave rise in the demand for on-the-go food and dine-out destinations, the industry, in particular enterprising culinary graduates, has taken great notice of this potential. Given the promising but very competitive consumer market, CCA Food Solutions becomes their expert partner in making their businesses a long-term success,” said Chef Melissa.

One of the fundamentals to ensure the success of any start-up restaurant business is a thorough analysis of the concept. To push that idea to a profitable venture, CCA Food Solutions Clinic gives newbies this edge and more with its Business Plan Development service which includes: business description and value proposition, environmental scan or external analysis, internal analysis, competitive and area analysis, marketing strategies (price, product, promotion, place), critical success factors, financial analysis and executive summary.

“At CCA Food Solutions, we create a business plan based on the ‘foodie client’, one that is friendly and efficient.  We evaluate first the feasibility of the client’s concept and from there we research and develop a business portfolio,” Chef Melissa expounded.

For business owners who want to upgrade existing menus or to establish unique concept elements as their key value propositions, the Food Clinic offers Menu and Recipe Development service which includes: menu line-up, kitchen tested standard recipes, nutritional value of each recipe, substitute ingredients, training of kitchen staff in executing the recipes, plating, presentation and serving techniques.

Startups who have the concept and the capital but lack efficient kitchen systems can make that needed revamp through the Clinic’s Kitchen Layout Design service, which basically enhances the workflow and operations by dictating the shape or arrangement of all equipment, storage space, including washing area and other parts of the kitchen.

And because efficiency plays a great role in the dramatic turnaround of any business, CCA Food Solutions offers an Operations Manual—a user-friendly book of instructions that allow for dependable and consistent operations systems. Included in the manual are an operations flow chart, industry standards on ordering, purchasing, receiving of goods, storage, inventory, food production and cleaning; food and hygiene sanitation, operation forms, safety and security, repairs and maintenance, and front-liner’s manual (training basics, guest expectations, hygiene, food safety and sanitation, phone etiquette, common greeting spiels and sequence of service, POS handling, among many others).

Finally, to support the business organization’s earning peak while still building its reputation in the food industry, the Clinic offers a Customer Service Training module which contains upselling and service excellence to help the business, whether it be a cafe or a full-scale restaurant, reach its highest earning potential.

“CCA Food Solutions has all types of chefs and culinary professionals, as they are the pool of faculty that CCA, Manila uses. Being the bastion of premier culinary education in the country, the CCA faculty is trained to document and respect the process. With this strength, it guarantees potential clients to be served with the standard of excellence of CCA,” said Chef Melissa.

The service packages and modules are now available for interested clients. For more information on CCA Food Solutions Clinic, call 426-4840/ 41 or 994-2530/ 40. You can also send an e-mail to, visit our website at


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