I Love Barbie


It’s the name that little girls love. But in the Land Down Under, that’s how they call their barbecue.

Barbie was the purpose of my recent travel abroad. Dubbed as “Filipino Barbie III”, it is part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival as well as CCA Manila’s culinary tour in Melbourne.

Filipino Barbie 4


I was fortunate to travel with Chef Sau Del Rosario as well as fellow CCA graduate, Chef JP Anglo. Both were chosen because of their skill in cooking barbie. I assisted them and was thrilled to learn how they cooked this all-time favorite Filipino dish. The students who traveled with us also enjoyed what they learned and was more than happy to help out with the other dishes that both chefs prepared.

For the buffet lunch, Chef JP offered Arroz Caldo, Tortang Talong, Chicken Inasal, Kare Kare Spring Roll, Runny Eggs, Lamb Kaldereta, Litson Baboy, Pancit Palabok, Adobo Flakes, and Binagoongang Isda sa Gata. His dessert spread of Halo Halo, Suman sa Lihiya, Maja Blanca, Leche Flan, and Brazo de Mercedes were great treats for the Australians but one that made fellow Filipinos miss home.

Filipino Barbie 11

Chef Sau was in charge of dinner. He made a sumptuous array of dishes which include Fresh Oysters with Pineapple Salsa, Pearl, and Ginger Gratinee; Okoy, and Fish Binakol, and Pinoy Dessert Sampler.

Filipino Barbie 12

All-time favorite lechon for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Lechon was also served during the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

After a night of hard work at the kitchen, we explored the wineries and vineyards of Melbourne.

This Chandon Vineyard in Yarra Valley Melbourne Australia is owned by Louis Vuitton

This Chandon Vineyard in Yarra Valley Melbourne Australia is owned by Louis Vuitton

Rows of roses and grapes

Rows of roses and grapes

We had lunch at the Regional, known as the World’s Longest Lunch because diners eat there from 12noon until 4pm.

Longest Lunch Menu

Other highlights of the tour that I enjoyed immensely were the Tequila class, Melbourne Victoria Market Tour, and the Coffee Cupping.

Our group even had the chance to have a wine appreciation seminar at the William Angliss Instutitue then have lunch at Angliss Restaurant.

This 10-day trip made me discover a lot of new things about Australia.

I had fun discovering their cuisine…

…and their culture.

I was also fortunate to meet new people who are now my good friends.

Filipino Barbie 2


Photos by Tristan Encarnacion and Justin Dayrit


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