My Pampanga

My Kapampangan blood has always been within me since birth. Kapampangan cuisine has been introduced to me at an early age and has been considered the home of my comfort foods.

Upon learning that we will be having an alternative learning program in Pampanga, I was very excited because my classmates and friends will be able to taste and experience Kapampangan food and hospitality.

Pampanga is well known in the Philippines to be the come of the best chef and seat of the best culinary food. One of the first places and people we visited was the home of the well-known Kapampangan Culinary ambassador, Mrs. Lillian Borromeo. Her house contained antics with were passed to her by her relatives.

Mrs. Lillian Borromeo demonstrating how to make cookies using her precious stencils

Mrs. Lillian Borromeo demonstrating how to make cookies using her precious stencils

The food they served tasted good. The demo was really amazing because the recipe and technique was passed for generations and it was preserved. Her stencils were also priceless because each one symbolized something and was made by someone.


My attempt at making barquillos


Our next stop was making barquillos which was not easy at all. Again the equipment for making barquillos was passed on from their ancestors. The barquillos then again proves how creative Kapampangans are and how much they value home and tradition.

Everybody’s Cafe

Our next stop was lunch, which everybody loved. We ate in a family owned restaurant named “Everybody’s Café”. The food they served was not new to me since those were the common food I eat at home and during our family gatherings. The food we ate tasted flavorful, but as for me, my grandmother still cooks better (after tasting these food a lot of times).

The other places we visited were the Ocampo-Lansang Delicacies, Aling Lucing’s Sisig, Kabigting’s Halo-Halo, and the San Guillermo Church.


cui scene

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