Partnerships, Cultural Exchange, and Passion for Food

The KoreanSpread: K-Obangsaek took place at the CCA Market Cafe at the Podium. It showcased authentic and gastronomically delightful full-course Korean cuisine. The event officially welcomed back our instructors—Chefs Trisha Ocampo, Tim Abejuela, and Jonathan Bautista—after their successful three-week sponsored culinary study in South Korea.

korean-02Ocampo, Abejuela and Bautista were the first Filipino professional chefs who underwent the study-tour via CCA, Manila’s partnership with aT Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.. Under the partnership, aT Korea will be training three CCA chefs in Korea to learn their cuisine. In turn, the partnership’s goal is to have Korean culinary courses offered in CCA in the future. The event perfectly wrapped up the three chef’s Korean culinary journey which happened early March this year.

After the three chefs, a second batch of students were engaged in a Korean Cuisine Class. The Korean Culinary Tour was organized by the Korean Global Culinary Academy of Woosong University, Daejeon. CCA, Manila had a Memorandum of Understanding with Woosong University on student exchange for those enrolled in academic culinary programs of both schools. The one week immersion shall expose students to selected Korean iconic foods and food phenomena including traditional food markets, tea and wedding ceremony, Korean food fairs, ginseng market and the currency museum (as money is a vital part of the history of food exchange).

Students also visited stores that offer Korean kitchen tools as well as a Hansik center in Seoul. Food demonstrations on selected Korean cuisines at the Korean Global Cuisine Academy are included in the program. Apart from these, students shall likewise be exposed to various dining and eating experiences in South Korea — from traditional table service, contemporary fine dining, fast foods and diners, and street foods, too. Other than Daejeon, students will also visit Seoul and Jeonju.

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Before starting the feast, Chef Trisha came up with a superb dinner introduction, as she explained their team’s menu at the beginning of the evening: Ginseng Chicken Soup, Bibimbap, Kimchi Fried Rice, Galbijim, Yasik, Bulgogi and Japchae. Apart from the impressive list of Korean flavors, Chef Trisha gave guests an interesting insight about the many aspects of Korean cuisine and culture.


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