The Clash of the Clans Returns!

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Outplay, outclass, outcook, and outdo each other! — This may be the mantra of the four competing teams in a battle royale of culinary skills, delicate taste and timeless Filipino dishes cooking up for the CCA CUP, Clash of the Clans.

Now on it’s 2nd edition, the CCA Cup is the school’s annual competition bringing out the best in its students as they vie to become culinary masters in the future. Aside from the privilege of being named CCA Cup Champions and possessing the Aroma trophy for a year, the winning team will be declared CCA Ambassadors and will be included in CCA school caravan tours, along with prizes from sponsors, a chance to star in a cooking show, and specially issued Chef’s jackets.

The CCA Cup event is also in celebration of CCA’s 18th anniversary as the school opens its doors to the alumni for their much awaited Alumni Homecoming. The CCA Cup promises to be a whole day of culinary competitions, food, demos, and workshops from keynote speakers in the F&B industry. This event will be attended by thousands of culinary enthusiasts, students, alumni faculty, chefs, friends, and family.

The CCA Cup Grand Finale and Alumni Homecoming is open to the public and will be held on November 28 at the CCA Oceana, Mall of Asia Complex.

Hope to see you there!



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