The [He]Art of Making Sushi



The Art of Making
Sushi with Chef
Andy Matsuda
Center for Culinary
Arts opened the
doors of their Grand
Kitchen to welcome
participants who are
all into the
Japanese Craze.
Chef Andy Matsuda
gave course
enrollees and CCA
students exclusive
2-day Ramen and 3-
day Bento Box

The [He]Art of Making Sushi
November 11, 2014
He smiled with a peace that could silence fear.

When asked, Chief Instructor and CEO of the Sushi Chef Institute said in the kindest
way possible, that the best thing about his job is meeting people who take the leap of
faith to leave their unhappy lives behind and come to his class with a culinary dream.


According to him, teaching aspiring chefs is never just about giving them recipes but about giving them hope; supporting them in their humble beginnings and giving them the push they need because the only way to achieve success is to “never give up.”

IMG_4981 IMG_5707

Chef Andy generously shared that he once stared at the face of death when the reality of his cancer dawned on him. “I should have died years ago,” he said. But blessed, today he lives his life by supporting others to live theirs.


Moreover, Chef Andy explains that his students are like seeds―planted on graceful
grounds, watered well, and led to the light. They grow into big trees and bear fruits of
their own. He shares that it’s an honor to be part of their success.


Chef Andy made us realize that in some ways, sushi is a lot like hope; better raw.
Unburnt and unpressured. It is pure in itself, naked of pretenses.


I guess the art of making sushi (or any dish at all), lies in the heart of its maker

IMG_5051 IMG_5789

—where all fears are silenced.



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