Zumba Fever

If you had the chance to pass by Tarragon or the Events Hall a couple of few weeks ago, you would have been treated to a bevy of ladies dancing their hearts (and, hopefully, their fats!) away! Yup, Zumba Fever has hit the Cravings Company!

zumba 1

Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music. Although it seems like it is the latest dance craze to hit the fitness movement, it actually started as early as 1990.

As an exercise routine, Zumba affords its participants a lot of benefits:

  1. zumba 2High amount of calories are burned
    You can burn as much as 800 calories per hour—depending of course on how intense you perform the routine!
  2. Total body toning
    During a Zumba class, you engage a lot of muscles, tightening and toning your body from head to toe.
  3. It keeps you coming back
    Workouts that feel like work are hard to get excited about. Good thing Zumba is so enjoyable that you actually want to keep coming back! Fitness expert Hercules Callanta says “If at the end of your workout your feeling is: ‘I don’t want to do this again!’, then chances are you have overdone it.” With Zumba, you will actually say, “Oh, when’s the next session?”
  4. It works for all ages
    You can start young and continue until you are old. Here at Cravings, we get the 20+ young ladies who are so graceful. But then, we also have the 50+ years old who can give the young ones a run for their money!
  5. It’s a great stress release
    It’s therapy to get your mind off some of your worries. Work at Cravings can be fun. But just like any work, stress will pile up.
  6. It can be adapted to any fitness level
    Whether you’re just starting out with an exercise program or you’re an exercise addict, you can still make Zumba an effective and challenging workout. The great thing is you go at your own pace.
  7. It goes by fast
    Believe us when we tell you that one hour goes by very fast! Before you know it, you are already stretching!
  8. It’s social
    Regularly attending Zumba classes is a great way to meet your officemates and get to know them better.
  9. It gives you more awareness of your body
    You will be sore in places you didn’t even know you had!
  10. It makes people happy
    Zumba puts participants into an endorphin-release zone. It improves your mood. The music is upbeat and fun.

zumba 4

These pictures say it all!


cui scene

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