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DCATM Campaign

CCA’s Diploma in Culinary Arts & Technology Management (DCATM) is a two-year program that has become well-known for producing some of the best graduates that are now at the forefront of the food and restaurant industry, which includes Chef Nikki Nicolas,Executive Chef & Restaurateur Partner at Sumo Sam, Red Crab and Tentitas and a CCA Graduate of the Pioneer Batch 1997.  Like Chef Nikki, other CCA graduates have become famous restaurateurs who started some of the finest dining establishments, and culinary professionals who are at the helm of some of the known brands in local and international food manufacturing corporations.

DCATM provides students with a strong and solid foundation to become disciplined culinary professionals.  Practical kitchen training is complemented with a comprehensive food service management training program which aims to develop entrepreneurial and management competencies in planning, operation and supervision of an institutional or commercial kitchen. Upon graduation from the two-year diploma program in Culinary Arts & Technology Management, our graduates can already opt to enter the world of the food service industry or continue to earn a Bachelor’s Degree from CCA, Manila or its partner institutions in Asia, Europe or the United States through an International Degree Succession program.


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