PROCAP Academic Information


Professional Chef-Accelerated Program

An intensive 6-month course designed exclusively for those who would like to advance their careers in the food industry with a degree in Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management, Food Technology, Food Science, Home Economics or Nutrition or have a degree in any related field.
CCA Oceana will take you on a challenging 6 months wherein they will learn an exceptional food service education highlighting culinary techniques, Baking & pastry expertise, flavor profiling, menu planning, recipe costing, culinary trends and efficient work flow and habits in the kitchen. Your program will conclude with a detailed comprehensive exam, which will be judged by Chefs from the industry, which may opt to hire you directly if impressed.
Take advantage of this program to advance in your career!!!

List of Subjects

MODULE 1: Product Identification and Fabrication Techniques
TOPIC: Product ID of Vegetables
Knife Skills 1: Basic Cuts
Product ID of Meats
Knife Skills 2: Meat Fabrication
Product ID of Fish and Shellfish

Creating an action plan

MODULE 2: Principles of Cookery
TOPIC: Stocks, Soup and Sauces
Starches Vegetable Cookery
Moist Heat Cooking Method
Dry Heat Cooking Method
Egg Cookery
Breakfast Cookery

MODULE 3: Principles of Healthy Cooking and Culinary Math Communications
TOPIC: Introduction to Nutrition
Tools in Nutrition
Fats and Oil
Vitamins and Minerals
Healthy Cooking and Menu Planning

The Marketlist
Using Math in the Food Service Operations
Measuring in the Professional Kitchen
Calculating Measurements
Calculating Measurements & Scaling Recipes
Calculating percentages & Ratios
Calculating Food Costs and Menu Pricing
Calculating Revenue & Expenses

MODULE 4: Baking and Pastry Skill Development
TOPIC: Cookies and Bars
Quick breads
Individual Pastries
Breads and Rolls
Specialty Breads
Cakes and Cake Finishing

Specialty Cakes
Chocolate Confectioners
Rolled Fondant and Gum paste
Filipino Desserts

MODULE 5: International Cuisines
TOPICS: Cuisines of America
Cuisines of Asia
Cuisines of Europe
Cuisines of Mediterranean
Garde Manger
Brunch Buffet/ Catering Event

MODULE 6: Culinary Practical Exam or Comprehensive

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