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Professional Baking & Pastry Arts

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This is CCA Manila’s 9-month intensive certificate program in Pastry and Baking education equipped with internationally educated chef instructors, new Pasty and Baking kitchen facilities, and top quality ingredients.

This course aims to meet the need of the students who wish to attain a thorough knowledge on Baking and Pastry Arts by learning the foundations. The program comprises of 8 modules with a culminating activity on the last module wherein the student will be able to apply everything he/she has learned from pastry and baking concepts to entrepreneurship skills.

By the time students reach module 8, they would already have a complete study, product research and business plan. Strengths and highlights of the program include the Entrepreneurship Track, Quantity Baking Production, Simulation of a Bake Sale and mentoring of industry experts as well as the development of a feasible product.

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