How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fees will depend on the program you’re interested in, and we’ll be happy to discuss these with you comprehensively when you come and visit us at the campus

What are the payment terms?

We have flexible monthly, quarterly, and annual payment terms.

What are the inclusions?

The fees include books, a knife set, ingredients, and manuals. We have accredited suppliers for the uniforms and shoes.

Do you accept card and checks payments?

Yes we do accept card and check payments.

Does CCA have a scholarship program?

CCA courses its outreach program through the CEF. More than 500 recipients have enjoyed partial or full scholarships. You’re welcome to inquire at the CEF website.

Is there an age limit to admission at CCA?

We do not have an age limit.

Are there other fees I need to pay aside from the tuition fees?

Yes it  depends on the program and the subject. (i.e Extra and Co-Curricular Activities)

If my son/daughter has special needs can you accept him to CCA?

Applicants with special needs are assessed by our Guidance Counselor for preparedness to engage in our programs. Appropriate programs are recommended.

What will be my career after CCA?

You will become a professional chef who may specialize in various subdisciplines in Culinary Arts;

1. Culinary Media Specialists – Food Writing, Food critic, blogs, celebrity chefs, food photography
2. Chefrenuer – chef consultants, restaurateurs
3. Research and Development chefs
4. Industry chefs
5. Culinary Educators
6. Sustainable Chefs
7. Health and Wellness chefs
8. Culinary Tourism Specialists

If I enroll and pay in full, do I get a refund If I discontinue the program?

Yes, we process refunds for unused payments.

I live close to your Katipunan campus. Can you offer the 9 month professional baking-pastry arts program in Katipunan?

Yes we may offer the 9 month program in Katipunan Campus as long as the minimum class size is achieved.

If I am enrolled in a program, wilL I be allowed not to enroll on certain periods to attend to personal matters?

Yes you may apply for a leave of absence. If you are away for more than three years, your program of study shall be re-evaluated.

How many intakes do you have in a year?

For BSCM: 2 intakes
DCATM: 4 intakes
9 Months: 3 intakes
Procap: 3 Intakes
Short Courses: Monthly
Life Style Programs: available upon request

What is the usual class size?

The minimum class size is 15.

Ratio of chef instructor per student?

The student-instructor ratio is 15:1.

What are the requirements for admission?

The  requirements for admission are:

1. Should be at least a high school graduate.
2. Should pass both Written/Practical entrance exam
3. Has been cleared by a CCA accredited medical physician.

Do you accept foreign students?

Yes we do accept foreign students.

Does the school conduct extracurricular activities for students like sports fests and other related activities?

Yes we do have extracurricular activities.

Am I considered a college graduate if I finished a CCA diploma program?

A CCA diploma holder is qualified for  employment. All subjects taken in the diploma program are credited to the to  the B.S. Culinary Management. Program. Upon graduation from the diploma program, you are automatically admitted to the bachelors degree program.

Does you school offer accomodations for students?

The school has nearby accredited dormitories.

Why CCA? Compared to other culinary school?

1. ACF is an organization of over 20,000 professional chefs worldwide. This organization are the people behind in professionalizing being a chef in America.
2. Industry approved curricula and facilities.
3. The first ACF accredited programs with the most number of ACF certified professional chefs.
4. We are the only school with actual operating food service establishments where students can practise their learned skills.
5. The only ISO 14001 certified culinary school.
6. We are the only culinary school that integrates Green chefmanship.
7. We are the only culinary school that offers Filipino cuisine.
8. We are the only culinary school that offers opportunites to acquire various certifications.

What Is ACF?

ACF is an organization of over 20,000 professional chefs worldwide. This organization are the people behind in professionalizing being a chef in US.

If I am from another school? Can you credit my other subjects?

Yes we do credit the subjects, but you have to submit a copy of your TOR.

If I took up the 6 month course and I want to continue it to a diploma course, do I credit some other subjects? Or if ever the 1 year course?

Yes but you need to take an assessment exam for every subject you want to credit.

What is the laderized program of CCA?

We have various laderized programs depending on the country you want to continue the program in.

Is it TESDA accredited?

Yes we are TESDA accredited.

Do you send students abroad for training?

Yes we do send students abroad for training.

How long is the class in a day?

The class usually runs from six to eight hours.

How long will it take me to finish culinary course?

How old is CCA?