Life is never boring for CCA students. Aside from the regularly held Grand Buffets where they get to showcase their culinary talents, there is the CCA Cup Clash of the Clans, the Master Chef Series, the Executive Learning Program, the Student Exchange Program, culinary competitions, talent shows, sports competitions, a grand ball and the CCA’s Foodies Club that they can participate in. Most important, of course, is that every CCA student gets to be part of one of four culinary houses namely, the Kitchen Kings, Culinary Champions, Gastronomic Gurus or Meal Masters.

The daring creativity and drive for excellence of the MEAL MASTERS is what sets this culinary house apart from the others. With the influx of new blood from the hardworking level 1 members, the continuous passion and dedication of the upper classmen, and the guidance of the CCA, Manila chef-instructors, the MEAL MASTERS jumpstart every season with a bang, slugging it out with a higher level of winning attitude, and emerging on the top each year.  With its food philosophy “Cook from the heart with love and passion”, the House of MEAL MASTERS  ‘cooks’ with pride, passion, and dignity — winning ingredients for culinary success.

The GASTRONOMIC GURUS are the blue-blooded class of chefs-to-be!  They are a combination of intelligent individuals and totally unique characters, with each one lending his or her own personal mark to the group.  With their combined hard work and creativity, they create masterful feasts, customized menus, abundant avant-garde spreads, and personalized dishes that impress and make the meal a memorable experience.  The GASTRONOMIC GURUS are “stylized” — they carefully pick their flavor, their cooking style, and presentation style. They even style themselves for any occasion!  Believing that by “bringing out the best in food by bringing out the best in you,” the GASTRONOMIC GURUS recognize that in order to survive in the tough kitchens of the world and the culinary industry, they have to perform at the highest level of effectiveness every time and bring out the best of each ingredient, in order to serve the best food there is.

Living up to its name, the CULINARY CHAMPIONS are a close knit group of students of CCA, Manila from different levels. It definitely lives up to its reputation since it garnered the ‘Overall Champion’ distinction in the Semi-Annual House Competition in 2012.   It is proud of its members who exhibit leadership, cooperation and support for each other, espousing the core values of CCA which are Integrity, Stewardship, Prudence, Innovation, Commitment and Excellence. Its members believe in this unique food philosophy: “A healthy relationship with food should be like love” — it should satisfy all regardless of age or social ranking, but tempered with balance, moderation and variety.  So for the CULINARY CHAMPIONS, it is important to enjoy food, enjoy each meal, in order to enjoy and succeed in life!

The KITCHEN KINGS are passionate in doing their best and being the best in everything that they do. This is proven in their exceptional performances in many house competitions and activities. The KITCHEN KINGS is a group of smart, highly-disciplined and talented individuals, in and out of the kitchen, who value and practice teamwork and excellence. They are the ideal representation of a CCA student as they espouse and live the CCA values. Inside the kitchen, they reign supreme, as they show true dedication to their culinary craft by continuously improving on their techniques and skills. Inside the classroom, they endeavor to learn so much as they know that being a KITCHEN KING requires a vast knowledge of everything related to culinary arts. They know they are destined to become the future leaders of the culinary world.