We have partnered with the world’s leading online culinary school, Rouxbe.

Together, we have a common goal, which is to advance thousands of professional cooks, culinary students, home cooks, and anyone in between. The digital platform focuses on foundational culinary techniques and methods of cooking that form the basis of cuisine. It is all about honing one’s culinary skills, anywhere, and anytime.

Rouxbe is a team of world-class chef educators and former culinary school executives dedicated to teaching culinary technique to our students - completely online. With an online learning platform that optimizes the learning experience through video, assessments, and instructor interaction, students are able to advance their culinary skills and knowledge any time, anywhere and on any device.

Why CCA Manila & Rouxbe?

CCA Manila Rouxbe
• Mentorship of internationally certified faculty & guest teachers with industry experience
• Live assessments & grading on lessons learned on Rouxbe
• Accessible use of kitchen & laboratories
• Be part of a wide CCA network & alumni community
• Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation & World Association of Chefs’ Societies as a quality program
• Learn on your schedule – anywhere and anytime
• Gain confidence in the kitchen with classic and next-generation culinary knowledge through an online platform
• Gain culinary insights and tips from top chefs and experts in live events

CCA's Cloud

We are introducing you to a borderless campus that gives you a list of programs that are all delivered virtually to help you achieve your culinary training goals. Chat with us to discuss these programs in full detail.

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Professional Cook Certification
(6 months)

This immersive 200-hour online course focuses on the foundational technique with personalized instructor grading and support and a certificate upon graduating.


Introduction to Culinary Agripreneurship
(2 months)

Start your herb garden and learn to cook a sellable product with it. This is for any budding culinary agripreneur.


Building My ND Practice Enterprise
(2 months)

Are you a Nutritionist-Dietitian? Develop your confidence in starting your private practice.

baking club

Baking Club (1 month)

Learn indulgent, quick & easy recipes for anyone passionate about baking. Recipes change monthly.


Cooking Club (1 month)

Cook international dishes that your family & friends would love at home. Recipes change monthly.


Young Chefs Boot Camp
(1 month)

Spark your kid’s creativity & social skills through food.


Food Entrepreneur Masterclass
(1 month)

Develop your product and entrepreneurial mind in this workshop with Chef Jasper, ACF Manila Chapter President & Industry Renowned Chef.


E-SYOB: Start Your Own Business on Food with University of the Philippines Institute for Small Scale Industries
(7 days)

This program provides budding small business owners with entrepreneurial attitudes and skills to kickstart their business idea.


Happy Planet: Waste Not, Seafood Literacy, Plant-Based (1 month)

Whether it’s plant forward, seafood literacy, or using local ingredients, this is about making our surroundings a better place. This is perfect for green chefs and cooks.


Wine Tasting with Happy Living
(1 month)

Why not travel through wine? Happy Living will let you taste several wines from international regions. This is a great social activity.


Knife Skills 101 with Nacionale Bladeworks
(1 day)

A chef is not a chef without a knife. This is their most important tool! We teach you how to care for it and use it safely as well as effectively.


Oven 101 with Rational (1 day)

If you have an oven at home, this program will teach you how to maximize this equipment and cook an entire meal with just an oven.


Culinary RX (40 hours)

This online instructional cooking and nutrition course, taught by leading chef educators and medical professionals, empowers students through their transition to a more health-supportive diet and lifestyle.



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