How Long Does a Course in Cooking Last?

How Long Does a Course in Cooking Last article featured image by CCA Manila

If you’ve ever found yourself entranced by the sizzle of a hot pan or the aromatic dance of spices, you’ve likely contemplated taking a course in cooking. As you stand on the precipice of this savory journey, the burning question arises: How long does a course in cooking last? 

This blog aims to unravel the culinary mysteries, guiding you through the delectable landscape of cooking education. From the quick-fire intensity of crash courses to the slow simmer of comprehensive programs, we’ll explore the diverse timeframes that culinary arts course Philippines and cooking courses online that we offer here at the Center for Culinary Arts Manila.

Join us as we navigate the kitchen classrooms, peeling back the layers of culinary wisdom and answering the age-old query about the temporal commitment required to master the art of gastronomy. Prepare to embark on a culinary odyssey where time is the secret ingredient to crafting culinary excellence!

The CCA Offerings – Culinary Arts Course Philippines

The CCA Manila offers three different types of culinary arts programs. There are academic diploma programs, continuing education programs, and online programs.

Here are more details about these programs:

Academic Diploma Programs

Delve into the structured realm of culinary expertise with Academic Diploma Programs. These programs offer a comprehensive foundation and immerse aspiring chefs in a formal education setting. Designed to cover an extensive range of culinary techniques, theory, and practical skills, academic diploma courses provide a deep understanding of the culinary arts.

Embark on a transformative culinary journey with CCA’s flagship course, designed to forge skilled chefs with a robust foundation. This program seamlessly blends practical kitchen training with a dynamic food service management curriculum, fostering entrepreneurial and managerial proficiency. The curriculum’s highlights include technical knowledge acquisition, knife skills, and green chefmanship. 

Engage in hands-on learning, from operations and business plans to student-led dinners, culinary tours, and industry events. Immerse yourself in regional Filipino cuisine and global culinary traditions. As you progress, anticipate diverse career paths, ranging from line cooks to esteemed roles like restaurateur, food entrepreneur, corporate chef, executive chef, and R&D chef.

This lasts two years, wherein students will have to go through 10 levels, from practical skills and knowledge to apprenticeship.

Tailored for graduates of the Diploma in Culinary Arts & Technology Management, this program, developed in collaboration with the University of Asia & The Pacific, propels chefs towards entrepreneurial success. It focuses on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and provides essential concepts, tools, and frameworks for effective management. The program’s core highlights include guiding participants in establishing and running profitable, sustainable enterprises within the dynamic landscape of the food industry. 

This pathway is a transformative journey towards culinary entrepreneurship for chefs and culinarians with dreams of creating their culinary ventures.

This lasts two years with the CCA Manila and another three years with UA&P.

Focused on culinary, agriculture, and entrepreneurship, this innovative venture aims to mold culinary agripreneurs. Tailored for those eager to optimize their farms, the program stands out with its unique approach. 

Delve into the culinary foundation while honing business acumen through financial literacy, HR principles, cost control, and operational strategies. Uncover the intricacies of farm-to-table practices, encompassing edible gardening, high-value crop production, and cutting-edge farm management technologies. Graduates emerge poised for diverse agriculture, food manufacturing, and farm tourism opportunities, making this program a transformative gateway to a dynamic future.

This diploma lasts 18 months.

Continuing Education Programs - CCA Manila

Continuing Education Programs

Delve deeper into culinary expertise through Continuing Education Programs—these extended culinary courses are designed for enthusiasts seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the culinary arts. They are typically culinary short courses that last only weeks.

Uncover the nuances of flavors, advanced techniques, and industry insights as we dissect the structure and benefits of these programs. 

This specialized course focuses on the theoretical foundations and hands-on kitchen applications of culinary arts. Tailored for graduates of hospitality and related fields, the program targets those seeking formal certification, especially for working professionals unable to attend physical classes. 

The curriculum emphasizes core culinary knowledge, environmental stewardship, and practical enrichment. Graduates emerge well-prepared for careers as line cooks or chefs de partie in esteemed establishments, with promising trajectories leading to roles such as corporate chef, catering chef, restauranteur, or research and development chef. 

This takes 24 Fridays to complete.

Embark on a culinary journey with the Fundamentals in Baking & Pastry Arts Course, an immersive “Pastry Bootcamp” perfect for aspiring baking enthusiasts. 

This comprehensive program offers hands-on training, guiding participants through foundational techniques and practical recipes applicable to home kitchens, commercial settings, or small food businesses. Each class focuses on a specific skill, progressively advancing in complexity. Highlights include learning basic baking math, green chefmanship, and various baking techniques. The curriculum emphasizes applying principles to different baked and patisserie products. 

Graduates can kickstart their culinary path as line cooks or chefs de partie, with potential career progression into roles like corporate chef, catering chef, restaurateur, and R&D chef.

This is an intensive 80-hour program that typically takes 12 days to complete.

This comprehensive training unfolds progressively, with each class focusing on specific skills, gradually advancing in complexity. The sessions culminate in a group tasting, offering participants valuable insights through critiques by the chef instructor. Key program highlights include its seamless integration with other CCA courses, fostering a holistic culinary education. Participants delve into foundational cooking skills, refine their palates, and explore international cuisines, all while honing teamwork capabilities.

For graduates, whether hobbyists, aspiring entrepreneurs, or kitchen professionals, this course is the catalyst for building kitchen confidence and culinary mastery.

This is another 80-hour program that also typically takes 12 days to complete.

Immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Filipino gastronomy, exploring all 17 regions through a deep dive into flavors and heritage. Highlights include hands-on kitchen practice for five hours daily, mastering ingredient selection, cooking techniques, and artful plating. Additionally, elevate your experience with optional culinary tours. 

Our course objectives focus on honing your skills in identifying local ingredients, preparing diverse dishes, and presenting them beautifully. Engage in discussions about Filipino cuisine’s origin, history, and fascinating features, all while practicing essential food safety and sanitation principles.

This is a 16-day program that can be taken either on weekends or weekdays.

Online Cooking Programs - CCA Manila

Online Cooking Programs

From interactive video modules to live-streamed demonstrations, discover the flexibility and accessibility of online cooking classes in Manila. Uncover the unique features that set these virtual kitchens apart, providing aspiring chefs a dynamic and immersive learning experience. 

Whether you’re a busy professional or a home cook with a passion for culinary mastery, understanding the landscape of online programs is crucial in choosing a course that aligns with your schedule and culinary aspirations.

Our Professional Cook Certification and Cooking Club is a synergistic blend of culinary education and community engagement. The Cooking Club, spanning ten weeks, is a virtual haven for aspiring cooks eager to hone their skills. In collaboration with Rouxbe, a leading online culinary school, our program offers live demonstrations, modularized learning, and global certification upon completion. Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, fostering lifelong connections. Unlock the doors to culinary excellence within the supportive embrace of our private Facebook group.

This will take ten weeks of Zoom classes to complete.

Collaborating with the renowned online culinary school, Rouxbe, participants will benefit from mentorship, live cooking demonstrations, and a modularized curriculum. Aspiring bakers and pastry chefs can anticipate skill enhancement and the acquisition of globally recognized certificates upon program completion. What sets us apart is the curriculum and the formation of an inspiring community of like-minded individuals sharing the joy of baking.

This will take ten weeks of Zoom classes to complete.

Led by Chef Princess San Diego, the brilliant mind behind the thriving home-based franchise, What’s Your Flan?, you’ll benefit from her extensive experience and success. With over 80 franchisees and numerous accolades, Chef Princess brings invaluable insights to mentorship. Beyond personalized guidance, immerse yourself in a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, fostering motivation and collaboration. Elevate your culinary aspirations and navigate the intricate path of food entrepreneurship with this immersive and empowering masterclass.

This will take ten weeks of Zoom classes to complete.

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