Planning to start your own food business? Let CCA Manila help you

CCA Manila, the country’s top culinary school, has partnered with the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), a top university offering reputable programs on entrepreneurship, to offer a bachelor’s degree that focuses on entrepreneurship and culinary arts—the first of its kind in the country.


Chef Andrew James Soriano and Chef Jessabel Granada, owners of Nanam Eatery in Auckland, New Zealand.


The partnership will equip students with the essential knowledge on entrepreneurial management with a focus on culinary arts.“With this program, students will gain learnings from the best of two worlds – entrepreneurship and culinary arts. Students will have the foundational business and entrepreneurial skills, and at the same time know what’s in it for them in the culinary world and be ahead in terms of kitchen skills and product development,” said Ma. Veritas Luna, CCA Manila chancellor of education.The program is a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management Major in Culinary Arts (BSEM-CA).


Louie Guado, owner of Over Easy

Aside from kitchen skills, students will learn how to operate a food enterprise and at the same time have the character to survive the competitive field of entrepreneurship.

“The key objectives of the program is to Provide, Nurture, and Guide. ‘Provide’ concepts and tools on entrepreneurial management. ‘Nurture,’ enhance, and develop the students’ entrepreneurial mindset, and ‘Guide’ toward establishing and running a profitable and sustainable food enterprise,” added Veritas.Many food entrepreneurs or even foodie enthusiasts have jumped on the idea of creating their own ventures with innovative and creative twists. However, not all initiatives succeed due to lack of preparation and knowledge in terms of learning about the market.


Chef JP Anglo, owner of Sarsa Kitchen

With this program, CCA Manila and UA&P – both the best in their respective fields – aim to cultivate students who will establish successful enterprises that would excite the market and consumers with their innovative products and timely services.For inquiries, call 09178408400. Visit http://www.cca-manila.edu.phfacebook.com/ccamanila or email: talktous@cca-manila.edu.ph

Article published on ManilaStandard.net – https://manilastandard.net/pop-life/355925/planning-to-start-your-own-food-business-let-cca-manila-help-you.html

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