The Future of Food

Join us for the first-ever culinary conference in 2024, themed “What’s Next On Our Plates?”

Hosted by CCA Manila in the Auditorium of UP BGC, this event will take place on Friday, March 8,
2024, from 8 AM to 5 PM.

The Future of Food, a groundbreaking conference organized by the Center for Culinary Arts Manila and powered by Courage Asia, assembles visionary leaders in AI technology, social media, culinary science, Filipino culinary heritage, and the evolving restaurant experience. This event is designed to spark innovation and conversation through insightful presentations, interactive Q&As, and thought-provoking discussions. Join us as we explore and answer the pivotal question: What’s Next On Our Plates?

List of Topics

  • Elevating the Guest Experience
  • Global Best Practices in Local Setting
  • Technology Trends in F&B Operations
  • The State of Food Supply: Farmer & Chef Perspective
  • Food Mapping for Sustainability
  • Benchmarking Regional Cuisines to Prepare for the Future
  • Technology Trends in the Kitchen
  • Farm to Table: The Importance of Local and Sustainable Sourcing
  • Harnessing Generative AI in the Food Industry

Meet the Speakers

We are pleased to introduce the phenomenal speakers for Future of Food 2024. More names to be announced soon. You won’t want to miss this event. Click here to see speakers and topics. (Click picture to see speaker’s bio)

Who Should Attend?

The Future of Food Conference is a must-attend event for a diverse range of professionals passionate
about the culinary world. Whether you are a chef, a culinary enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a food and
beverage industry expert, a digital marketing strategist, or an innovator at the intersection of
technology and gastronomy, this conference is for you. Attendees will include:

  • Chefs and culinarians eager to explore the latest trends and techniques.
  • Food and beverage professionals seeking insights into industry innovations.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to harness the power of AI and social media in the culinary space.
  • Academics and students passionate about culinary science and heritage.
  • Marketing and PR professionals specializing in the F&B sector.

Why Attend?

The Future of Food offers an unparalleled opportunity to:

    • Gain Cutting-edge Insights:  Learn from industry giants through an impressive lineup of talks, panels, and Q&A sessions. Delve into AI technology, social media strategies, the science of cooking, and more.
    • Expand Your Network:  Connect with a community of like-minded professionals, thought leaders, and innovators in the culinary world.
    • Elevate Your Skills:  Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned professional, our program is crafted to enhance your culinary skills, business acumen, and marketing strategies in the F&B industry.
    • Stay Ahead of Trends:  Be at the forefront of culinary innovation and understand emerging trends that are shaping the future of food.

This is more than a conference – it’s an investment in your professional growth and an opportunity to shape the future of the culinary landscape.


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Future of Food is happening at the UP BGC Auditorium on March 8, 2024.
Click HERE to open Google Map. Parking is available in the venue.

There will be opportunities to network throughout the day and all guests are encouraged to stay for the 90 minute networking session at the end of the event.

Regular Rate – P8,800

Academic Rate – P5,500

Yes, there will be a variety of food and drinks available throughout the day.

Seating in the auditorium is
first come first served.

Future of Food is taking a very forward look at the culinary landscape.
If you’re in the foodservice and culinary industry, you’ll be able to elevate your game from the wisdom and years of experience of the industry’s most highly regarded thought leaders. You’ll get the confidence to implement the practical tactics acquired throughout the day, for the benefit of their business and profession.

Dear [insert name of boss],

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to bring to your attention an exciting event that aligns perfectly with our goals at CCA Manila and our commitment to innovation in the culinary field. The Future of Food 2024 conference, hosted by CCA Manila in collaboration with Courage Asia, is set to take place at UP BGC.

This conference is a unique blend of culinary expertise and forward-thinking discussions, scheduled for March 8, 2024. It will feature a series of keynotes led by renowned chefs, food innovators, and industry leaders.

I strongly believe that participating in this event will provide us with practical tactics and deep insights into the future of the culinary world. This knowledge is invaluable for our strategy and overall business growth, and it will certainly aid in informed decision-making for future endeavors.

Given the direct relevance and potential benefits to our work, may I suggest considering the conference fee as an educational investment and covering it as a work expense?

Thank you for considering this opportunity. I am confident it will greatly benefit our team.

Best regards,
[Insert your name here]

Powered by Courage Asia – This conference is a collaborative effort with Courage Asia, bringing together F&B thought leaders and subject matter experts to provide diverse perspectives to stakeholders in the foodservice industry, academic community, trade associations, and public sector.

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