Safe Physical Distancing Guidelines for Face-to-Face Laboratory Classes

Table of Contents


I. Class Size and Revised Class Schedule for the New Normal

II. Pre- Lab Class

a. Opening Checklist
b. Class Assignment
c. Temperature and Class Health Declaration
d. Health Protocols
e. Uniforms
f. Ingredients Acquisition
g. Tools and Equipment Issuance

III. Lab Class

a. Documentation for Contact Tracing
b. Social Distancing Protocols
c. Cleanliness of Workstations
d. Showing of Symptoms During Class

IV. Post- Lab Class

a. Closing Checklist
b. Ingredients Returns
c. Cleaning and Sanitizing
d. Compilation of all Reports

V. Others

VI. Key Persons

I. Class Size and Revised Class Schedule for the New Normal

Revised class schedule here:

II. Pre- Lab Class

1. Opening Checklist
The Opening Checklist should be accomplished before the start of lab classes, Faculty in-charge will have to make sure that the checklist is accomplished by the assigned student and signed by the faculty in-charge.

2. Class Assignment

Students will be divided into 3 groups to accomplish certain tasks.
a. Student Assistant – 1 student that will be held responsible for accomplishing forms and assisting the faculty in-charge during demos.
b. Ingredients – students will be in charge of acquiring and returning all ingredients at the MRD. Limit of 3 students for social distancing inside MRD.
c. Cleaning – students will be in charge of making sure that the laboratories before, during, and after lab classes are clean and sanitized.
d. Failure to accomplish this task will result in corresponding demerits.

3. Temperature and Class Health Declaration

Students and Faculty in-charge will fill up the mandatory health declaration to be provided by the school nurse for documentation and contact tracing. This should be accomplished before the start of lab classes.

4. Health Protocols

If ever a student feels that he/she has symptoms or a student is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please refer to the Protocols for suspected and confirmed cases.

5. Uniforms

Faculty in-charge must be strict in implementing proper uniforms guidelines. For safety all students and faculty should be wearing the ff:
a. Clean and pressed CCA chef’s jacket
b. CCA chef’s pants
c. CCA issued aprons (other aprons are not allowed)
d. CCA skull cap or CCA chef’s toque
e. Hairnet
f. Medical grade face masks, such as N95 and other similar masks. Cloth masks and non-protective masks will not be allowed.
g. Face shields
h. Gloves if handling cooked food.

6. Ingredients Acquisition

a. All ingredients should be inside the kitchen lab 30 mins before the class starts.
b. Only the assigned group will be allowed to get the ingredients from the MRD.
c. Students are not allowed to enter and take ingredients from the MRD without the supervision of the stock room clerk.
d. Students and Faculty will have to make sure that all ingredients are in good condition, and must inform the stockroom clerk and the program’s coordinator of any issues with the ingredients.
e. All issued ingredients must be counter checked with the CALCMENU Generated Shopping list and signed by the faculty in-charge upon release.

7. Tools and Equipment Issuance

a. All tools, pots, pans, and small items will be requested by the class based on the class dishes and preparation. The request will be signed by the faculty in-charge and submitted to the custodian for release.
b. The class will store and keep their cooking equipment and tools inside their assigned labs, with the inventory form present.
c. Pots and pans and the other tools will be returned after the class is done. Class clearance will be issued once all the equipment were checked and verified and in good condition.
d. In any case that one or more item is missing or broken, the faculty in-charge will be liable for it. He/she will have to make a written report and to be submitted to the Program’s Managers office and evaluated. This will be forwarded to the office of the Chancellor of Education.

III. Lab Class

1. Documentation for Contact Tracing

For the required documentation, the program’s coordinator will visit all lab classes and take photos and videos of on-going classes. The program’s coordinator must follow the uniform guidelines before entering the lab classes. See section 2.5

The photos and videos will be uploaded in a drive for submission to the SASO for safekeeping and needed documents.

2. Social Distancing Protocols

a. Demos will be scheduled in the USDA Lab to avoid crowding of students while the demonstration is on-going. See the schedule of classes
b. During lab classes, a distance of 2 meters should be observed while conducting classes.
c. No crowding and horse playing allowed.
d. Students must stay at their respective stations as much as possible.

3. Cleanliness of Work Stations

a. All students are required to clean and sanitize their corresponding stations during lab classes.
b. Dishwashing will be allowed in their station sinks to avoid overcrowding of the dishwashing sink inside the lab.
c. Soaps and sanitizers will be issued by the faculty in-charge. See the opening checklist.
d. Students will provide their own spray bottles and soap dispensers. No sharing of cleaning materials.

4. Showing of Symptoms During Class

a. If any student is suddenly showing COVID like symptoms during class, please contact the SASO office to alert and inform our school nurse.
b. Please refer to the Protocols for suspected and confirmed cases.


IV. Post- Lab Class

1. Closing Checklist

The Closing Checklist should be accomplished after the lab class by the student in-charge and signed by the faculty.

2. Ingredients Return

a. All unused ingredients will be returned at the MRD and signed on by the stockroom clerk for inventory purposes.
b. The ingredients group with the faculty will be in charge of securing the returned ingredients, properly wrapped and in good condition.

3. Cleaning and Sanitizing

a. Students will have to clean and sanitize all working areas, including stoves, sinks, and ovens.
b. The Cleaning Group will check and make sure that all areas are clean and garbage is segregated. The group will send a photo of all the clean areas to the faculty in-charge of documentation.
c. Stewards will come in after the class and dispose of all garbage and clean all garbage bins and return them to the corresponding laboratories.
d. Before the end of the day, the program coordinator will check all the laboratories and document the status of all the labs.

4. Compilation of Reports

a. All reports, forms, and documents will be submitted to the program’s coordinator for compilation and safekeeping.
b. The program’s coordinator will consolidate all reports to be submitted to the program’s manager.

V. Others

1. Students will be assigned lockers for safekeeping of their things. Please refer to the Lockers Guidelines.
2. After each lab classes, students are not allowed to loiter inside the campus, students are only given an hour to change clothes and vacate the campus. Corresponding demerits will be given to violators.
3. All mass gathering activities, such as class dinners, degustation, flag ceremonies, and other gatherings that involve more than 10 persons will be temporarily suspended. Refer to the Policy of Prohibition of Mass Gatherings.

VI. Key Persons

1. Program’s Manager
2. Program’s Coordinator
3. Faculty
4. Stockroom Clerk
5. Stewards

Prepared by:
Chef Jasper Versoza
Program’s Manager

Approved by:
Dr. Ma. Veritas Luna
Chancellor for Education

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