7 of the Best Schools for Culinary Arts in the Philippines by Leika Gonzales

As educational institutions gradually reopen their doors for face-to-face classes, students are becoming increasingly interested in non-traditional courses. One such course is Culinary Arts, the perfect entrypoint to the fast-growing food and beverage industry in the Philippines.

While pursuing this line of study is typically associated with being a chef, a well-rounded and hands-on culinary education can offer alternative career opportunities as well. For example, culinary students can also aspire to be restaurant managers, nutritionists, food journalists, beverage professionals, and industry instructors and consultants. Furthermore, there are numerous reputable schools in the country that can equip prospective industry workers with the skills they need to excel in these jobs.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this line of profession, here’s one of the best schools that offer Culinary Arts training in the Philippines: 

Center for Culinary Arts

Inaugurated in 1996 as the country’s very first culinary education institution, the Center for Culinary Arts is arguably the most well-known culinary school in the Philippines. As such, the institution offers a good assortment of diploma courses and short courses that rigorously train aspiring chefs. While their Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management Major in Culinary Arts is a five-year program, their specialized diploma courses will take a maximum of only two years to complete. Meanwhile, their short courses include Professional Chef Plus, Fundamentals in Culinary Arts, Fundamentals in Baking & Pastry Arts, and Culinary Team Bonding.

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