Fundamentals in Culinary Arts

A comprehensive program that is the perfect starting point for any culinary enthusiast

Virtual Open House - Every Wednesday 430 to 530pm via ZOOM

The Fundamentals in Culinary Arts Course is a compressed 80-hour comprehensive training program. Each class was designed to teach specific skills, which gradually become more complex as the program progresses. The sessions end with a group tasting and a critique of the day’s work by the chef instructor so that the participants continue to develop their palates, identify successes, and learn from their experiences.

Highlights of the Program

Coupled with other CCA courses, this is the perfect starting point for culinary professionals.

Understand foundational cooking skills and proper palate training.

Explore international cuisines and learn how to work in a team.




Session 1 Introduction to Professional Cooking and Basic Foundation Course and Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Session 2 Nutrition and Knife Skills
Session 3 Basic Cooking Methods
Session 4 Advance Cooking Methods
Session 5 Filipino Cuisine
Session 6 Japanese and Korean Cuisines
Session 7 Chinese Cuisine
Session 8 Thai and Vietnamese Cuisines
Session 9 Malay, Indo and Indian Cuisines
Session 10 Mediterranean Cuisine
Session 11 American Cuisine
Session 12 French Cuisine
Session 13 Italian Cuisine

Duration: 13 Days - Saturday Schedule & Monday to Friday Schedule

Date of Intakes:
January 29, 2022 & February 07, 2022

Campus: Antipolo

Culinary Path:
Graduates of this short course program are looking to develop their confidence in the kitchen whether they are hobbyists, budding entrepreneurs or already working in a commercial kitchen.


“Before enrolling in CCA, I would often bake at home. I enjoyed being in the kitchen. However, I was tentative in cooking. I was not confident in holding the knife and experimenting with the ingredients that I had. The only thing I cooked before was steak because of all the MasterChef episodes I watched. I would always just stick to the recipe. Enrolling into CCA’s FCAC helped me become more confident in myself. I am more relaxed and confident in the kitchen and I’ve become more accustomed to experimenting and not strictly conforming to the recipe. I would now cook for meals for my family. CCA has taught me a lot of things and I am excited for more things to come.”

Riana Jasmin Fuentes | Student

“It has always been my childhood dream to be part of the culinary world someday. I took it as an investment, worked hard and saved for myself for it. I looked for many institutions that could suffice the satisfaction of pursuing this passion, and am so grateful that CCA Manila could provide the sessions I exactly wanted; different cuisines around the world plus they offer Saturday sessions that perfectly fits my schedule as a full time employee. The location could be a bit far from my home, but I did not mind because it was the only school that sparked joy for me in the first place. They provide all the ingredients needed throughout the sessions plus we get to have a takeaway book for all the sessions we covered. Chefs were cool and all accommodating, inside and outside class hours. They have the art of creativity and humility. This experience gave me also the confidence to start online, our family's lasagna business, using my recipe, as we named it Matz Kitchen. My FCAC experience in CCA could be short but all memorable and worth it as I get to learn good values and execute different techniques and recipes that I get to serve my family and other people. With good food, it’s always a good mood. Thank you CCA for fulfilling my culinary dream.”

Karla Matienzo | Entrepreneur

“My family sent me to CCA in order to codify my culinary knowledge, and I did; praise God. Along my journey with my CCA Family, I acquired relentless discipline in the midst of pressure as I set each dish to the pass with joy.”

Lyle Lopez | Celebrity



CCA Katipunan
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Saturday Closed (By Appointment)
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