Fundamentals in Halal Culinary Arts

This program is the first of its kind in the Philippines supported by the National Commission of Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) and accredited by the Halal International Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Philippines (HICCIP). Its aim is to introduce the principle of Halal cooking to restaurant owners or culinary enthusiasts.

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“This program will reach out not only to Filipino Muslims who wish to build their culinary enterprise based on Halal principles but also to those who wish to cater to foreigners or work abroad in Islamic countries. A CCA Manila diploma will surely give them an edge over the others.” -- Dr.  Ma. Veritas Luna, CCA, Manila's Chancellor for Education.

The country’s first Halal Culinary Arts Course is a compressed 102-hour, 16-day comprehensive hands-on program based on CCA, Manila’s aim in developing cooking skills while applying the principles of Halal. Each class was designed to teach specific skills, which will gradually become more complex as the program progresses. The sessions include group tasting and critique of the day’s work by the chef instructor so that the participants continue to develop their palates, identify successes, and learn from their experiences.

Highlights of the Program

• Understand Halal cooking principles. 

• Learn knife skills, nutrition, cooking methods, food safety, among others. 

• Explore various international cuisines.





Session 1

Principles of Halal 

Session 2

Principles of Halal 2

Session 3

Introduction to Professional Cooking, Food Safety

Session 4

Essentials of Nutrition, Basic Culinary Math 

Session 5

Knife Skills 

Session 6

Cooking Methods I

Session 7

Cooking Methods II 

Session 8

Filipino Cuisine 

Session 9

Chinese Cuisine 

Session 10

Japanese and Korean Cuisines 

Session 11

Thai and Vietnamese Cuisines 

Session 12

Malaysian, Indonesian, and Indian Cuisines 

Session 13

Mediterranean Cuisine 

Session 14

American Cuisine 

Session 15 

French Cuisine 

Session 16 

Italian Cuisine 

Duration: 16 days

Intakes: Every other month

Campus: CCA Katipunan

Culinary Path:
Graduates of this program would be able to introduce Halal dishes in their restaurants or work abroad in Islamic countries.


“This short course for me is very extensive considering the limited period that we have. It is a great learning process because the chef is very experienced. The institution has a name.”

Mr. Muctar Muarip | from Basilan province, culinary enthusiast

“The reason why I took the course is to know more about Halal. I’ve learned a lot of things here. Yung proper way ng everything: the chopping, how do you cook it-- natutunan ko lahat, the proper way and the easy way. Thankful kami kasi sa business makakatulong siya and sa way of life. If you’re in the food business, maganda yung makapg-enroll ka talaga sa Halal way ng culinary.”

Ansary Benito Cali | from Lanao del Sur, restaurant owner



CCA Katipunan
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