An Exciting Feast for the Senses: CCA Manila Unveils Course on Filipino Culinary Fundamentals

Feeling the Filipino Foodie Fever? CCA Manila, the Philippines’ leading culinary school, proudly announces the launch of its latest course, ‘Fundamentals in Filipino Cuisine.’

As pioneers in the culinary world, CCA Manila has taken it upon themselves to own and shape the narrative of Filipino cuisine education. They’ve whipped up a comprehensive program that will have you savoring the rich heritage and flavors of Filipino gastronomy in every lesson.

CCA Manila, the leading culinary school in the Philippines, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking course, Fundamentals in Filipino Cuisine.


Photo shows CCA Manila students plating one of the dishes during a Filipino-themed dinner. The event showcased dishes inspired by Filipino games such as piko, sipa, and tagu-taguan.

Breathing Life into Filipino Culinary Heritage

Realizing the need to champion and safeguard Filipino culinary traditions, the Special Committee on Creative Industries and Performing Arts (SCCIPA) of the Lower House of Representatives advocated for the worldwide promotion of Filipino Cuisine in 2020. Their mission? To create a banquet of job opportunities and stir economic and social progress through the Filipino food value chain.


To cater to the appetite for professional Filipino culinary arts education, CCA Manila took the reins and cooked up the Fundamentals in Filipino Cuisine Course. Before this, no culinary schools in the Philippines served up specialized training in Filipino culinary arts. Expecting the approval of the bill on the promotion of Filipino Cuisine and Gastronomy, CCA Manila prepared the recipe for education and training in this field.


A Gourmet Course for Aspiring Filipino Culinary Masters

The Fundamentals in Filipino Cuisine Course is a 16-day gourmet journey, designed to give students a deep appreciation for Filipino gastronomy, cuisine, and heritage. From handpicking the right ingredients to plating up mouthwatering dishes, this course covers it all. You’ll master the culinary traditions of all 17 regions of the country, uncovering the diverse flavors and techniques that spice up Filipino cuisine.


Dane Fajardo, a student of Fundamentals in Baking and Pastry Arts Course, learning how to make unday-unday. It is a rice cake from Pangansinan made with glutinous rice flour, water, brown sugar, and shredded coconut. The recipe was from Chef JR Bautista, a CCA Manila chef instructor.


In celebration of this culinary milestone, CCA Manila is throwing a launch party on June 26, featuring a guest appearance by John Sherwin Felix, founder of Lokalpedia and a fervent advocate for food and agricultural heritage. Felix will serve up his insights on popularizing Filipino Food Heritage Ingredients, and you’ll get a taste of the flavorful ingredients he’s unearthed on his research travels.


CCA Manila’s beautiful plating of the Sinuglaw, an appetizer from the Visayas and Mindanao. It is a combination of Sinugba and Kinilaw.


Tilmok (Pinangat) from Bicol Region


Spicing Up Filipino Culinary Education

“With this program, we aim to train a new generation of culinary professionals who will showcase the unique flavors and heritage of Filipino cuisine. By offering this course, we take pride in our leadership in owning the narrative of Filipino culinary education,” said  Chef Kerwin Funtanilla,  CCA Program Manager.


Chicken Asado — chicken marinated in citrus juice, soy sauce and braised in tomato sauce. This is a traditional dish in Pampanga.


The curriculum stirs in key ingredients like food safety and sanitation, knife skills, cooking methods, and food presentation, all tailored to Filipino cuisine. By the end of this culinary journey, you’ll be an expert in preparing a wide array of Filipino dishes, and you’ll know how to plate them using internationally accepted techniques. They will also learn to present these dishes in a way that incorporates internationally acceptable techniques, allowing them to showcase the beauty and richness of Filipino cuisine to a global audience.

As part of the course, students will have the incredible opportunity to go beyond the classroom and embark on two field trips to renowned culinary establishments that truly embody the essence of Filipino cuisine. These immersive excursions offer firsthand experiences, giving students the chance to deepen their appreciation for the intricate artisan culinary techniques and exceptional culinary products that define Filipino cuisine.


Culinary Journey Ahead

Get ready to embark on a culinary voyage that will ignite your passion, elevate your skills, and celebrate the splendor of Filipino cuisine. CCA Manila proudly paves the way in shaping the future of Filipino culinary arts education.


Article Source – ClickTheCity – https://www.clickthecity.com/time-out/article/146512/cca-manila-unveils-course-on-filipino-culinary-fundamentals/

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