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Donnie Bigcas

on being a grandwinner in the East Meets West Culinary Competition Philippines 2020

" I think for you to be able to learn and achieve your goal, you need to experience failure first. We encounter failure most especially when we are only beginning to walk the path to success. We will face a lot of inevitable challenges and misfortunes as we go along the way. But as long as you are willing to learn and are happy despite adversities, then that makes achieving your goal much more rewarding. If you are passionate about cooking, you will not feel exhausted. And when you are being supported by your friends, family, and mentors, the journey to achieving your goal is not as dreadful as it may look."


- Culinary RX

"Thank you for promoting Rouxbe. I finished the cooking course (Culinary RX) yesterday. The course has helped me in meal planning to manage my food sensitivity. I got my certificate and also placed 9th in the Culinary RX global rankings.

Thank you and more power!"

Michele A. Lluz

- Baking Club

"For someone who doesn’t have any knowledge in baking, I find this program very helpful. Chef Dahlia was nothing but helpful and very generous in sharing her expertise with us. She makes sure to check on every one of us and assess if we are able to follow her instructions."

Maria Sharon Sabal

- Baking Club

"More recipes! please continue to provide this online program so a lot of interested and aspiring bakers will be able to benefit from this class. Thank you, CCA for making this online baking class possible, even though I am thousands of miles away and there’s a time difference. I was able to have this connection with my fellow bakers, have fun in the process, and enjoyed this class."

Gabriel Angelo B. Quinto

- Baking Club

"Offer more common recipes, such as baking brownies and chocolate chip cookies."

Karen Lao

- Baking Club

"More sessions please..."

Nikki Ocson

- DCATM Graduate

"As a graduate from the pioneer culinary school of the Philippines, I can honestly say that the instructors and curriculum of CCA Manila helped tremendously with my application to different restaurants here in the Philippines and other countries so that i can start my journey on being a Chef. Even after graduating, CCA Manila helps out not only their current students, but also their alumni with their E-Library which can be accessed through messaging an instagram account (@ccabooksforcooks). I have borrowed a few books from their e-library and the person who handles the account works efficiently and is very accommodating, I received the copies of the books within minutes! Thank You CCA!"


- Baking Club

"Joined their online weekly baking class last August. Despite not being in a traditional classroom set up, the admin and Chef Dahlia were quick to respond and help out. Had a fun time learning new recipes and meeting other people who are also interested in baking."

Briana Christelle Ng Ong

- Baking Club

"Had a great time. Hope to see more baking clubs available soon. :)"

Patricia Collantes Antonio

-Food Entrep

"I definitely made the right decision when I enrolled in CCA Manila's Food Entrepreneurship Masterclass. I learned so many things that I was able to use in my small pastry business. Everybody was so accommodating — answering all my questions even at the wee hours of the night. I'm also very grateful to the CCA Library for providing me all the e-books I need for pursuing further studies in the culinary/pastry world!"

Cheryl Manuel Del Prado

- Baking Club

"I didn’t have to think twice when enrollment for CCA Manila opened up. The recipes they give are flawless and the end result is always outrageously good. It’s been a wonderful experience, and the Chefs and staff have made it easy for me to learn, willing to answer every single question I have. The CCA Library has been extremely helpful as well, extending the books I need immediately after I seek it out."

Diane Gaddi Castaneda

- Baking Club

"I really had fun and learned a lot during the 5 weeks of baking with Chef Dahlia and my classmates. Thank you CCA Manila for doing this online baking club. I definitely gained new baking skills/techniques from this course. More power CCA Manila."

Darrell Monreal Desales

- Baking Club

"I had a great time learning and being with my Instructor and virtual classmates every Saturday. Thank you so much CCA Manila. I think since we are part of the CCA family now, students from the baking club should be given equal opportunities to be featured on your social media accounts e.g. Instagram. 😊"

Gem Irong-Babiera

- Food Entrep

"I just graduated from Online Food Entrepreneur Masterclass. I learned how to do proper costing for my products with my mentor, Chef Jasper. CCA admin and Librarian are very approachable, friendly, and accommodating as well. Good Job CCA 👍"

Maria Joy C. Marcelino

- Baking Club

"Community or group info blasts. Innovations in the industry. Updates."

Pauline Sarmiento

- Pro Cook & Cooking Club

"My foundation in cooking is anchored in experience and passion. Whenever I travel, I make sure to bring a local recipe home. The main reason I enrolled in CCA is to learn the technicalities of cooking. I love that my mentors, Chef Ker and Chef Jasper both exude brilliance and humility. Thank you, CCA, for the gift of learning."

John Paul Frias

- FCAC Graduate

"My intensive 80-hour days in CCA were really signifant in my culinary journey. It has opened my eyes to the reality that in order to survive in the food industry, you must be tough and committed to excellence. The FCAC program made me one! It runs through me!"

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