Be a confident Baker
in the kitchen.

Introduction to Pastry Arts + Baking Club is a ten-week virtual program for aspiring bakers and pastry chefs seeking to develop their skills in the kitchen. Partnered with the world’s leading online culinary school — Rouxbe, we provide mentorship, live cooking demonstrations, a  modularized program, and globally recognized certificates by the end of the program.
All of these, with an awesome community.

Program fee: P50,000
(payment plans available)
Orientation & Kick Off: January 21, 2022
Official Start Date: January 22, 2022
Class Schedule: Saturdays - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

About Rouxbe

Rouxbe is a team of world-class chef educators and former culinary school executives dedicated to teaching culinary technique to our students – completely online. With an online learning platform that optimizes the learning experience through video, assessments, and instructor interaction, students are able to advance their culinary skills and knowledge any time, anywhere and on any device.

What You Will Learn



Introduction to Baking: Familiarization to Baking Tools & Ingredients and Baking Math


Cookies & Bars


Rolls & Loaves


Quick Breads




Tarts & Pies


Crepes & Chouquettes


Chocolate Confectionerie


Frozen Desserts



What Do You Get

° A Life-Long Community
° Delicious Recipes For Business or Home
° 10 Week of Zoom Classes
° Mentorship with CCA Instructors and Alumni
° Private FB Group

Meet Your Chef Instructor

Chef Dahlia Conde is a sourdough master. She is a graduate of CCA Manila's two year program. She specializes on baked goods, pastry, paleo diet and wellness.

Chef Alvin Ong is a sourdough master. He is graduate of CCA Manila's two year program. He is the chef/owner of Sourdough Cafe + Deli and Mono Wine + Cafe.


"I love everything about CCA. They’re all accommodating and friendly even when we already graduated. It feels like we are a family even though we cant see each other at the moment because of the pandemic we built a connection through online and I've never experienced it before with my previous school/university."
Krixia Maliksi
How I describe CCA Baking Club program, Instructor, and other support staff?
" I am a Doctor by Profession and baking is really my passion. I did not expect that I will be able to take some time during this pandemic to unleash my baking skill. Accomplishing baking club sessions despite of being busy in the field, meeting fellow aspiring bakers, and getting to know CCA Chef Instructor, Ms. Dahlia, are such a wonderful experience!"
Sally Figuerao
What I got that I was not expecting?
"For someone who doesn’t have any knowledge in baking, I find this program very helpful. Chef Dahlia was nothing but helpful and very generous in sharing her expertise with us. She makes sure to check on every one of us and assess if we are able to follow her instructions."
Michelle Lluz
How I describe CCA Baking Club program, Instructor, and other support staff?
"I recommend this program to baking enthusiasts and people who are planning to start their pastry business. It’s a great program where you can learn the basics of baking for personal use or for start-up businesses as well. My advice is to attend every session, listen well, take notes, don’t hesitate to ask questions and most especially, have fun!"
Patricia Antonio
Who would I recommend this course to and my advice for incoming fellows?
"Learning is never ending and ever expanding. While we have access to everything on the internet, it is still very helpful to consult a chef real time and have an enriching discussion about the successes and failures of each bake. Aside from the recipes, connecting with fellow bakers in different parts of the country as well as other countries is also another bonus."
Jhie Greenwood
What motivated me to join Baking Club?
Thank you, CCA for making this online baking class possible, even though I am thousands of miles away and there’s a time difference. I was able to have this connection with my fellow bakers, have fun in the process, and enjoyed this class."
Maria Sharon
What I got that I was not expecting?
To gain professional knowledge in baking, learn techniques, what to prevent and how to troubleshoot. In this way I will be cost efficient when I pursue my culinary dreams.
Michelle Yian
Why I enrolled in Baking Club?
"Joining your community has been enriching and empowering! It was so fun to belong in a group with the same interest as we inspire and learn more together as a family, to serve good food that is both healthy, delicious and enticing. Cheers!"
Diane Castaneda
Why am I grateful to be part of CCA Baking Club?
"Joined their online weekly baking class last August. Despite not being in a traditional classroom set up, the admin and Chef Dahlia were quick to respond and help out. Had a fun time learning new recipes and meeting other people who are also interested in baking."
Briana Christelle Ong
Why is it worth it to pursue Baking Club even if it is online?
"I didn’t have to think twice when enrollment for CCA Manila opened up. The recipes they give are flawless and the end result is always outrageously good. The CCA Library has been extremely helpful as well, extending the books I need immediately after I seek it out."
Cheryl Del Prado
Why I enrolled in Baking Club?

Other Programs

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